Ports of Libraries to MPC

Several libraries have been ported to MPC. You may download them from this page. Note that as most of these codes have custom build-system, the port mostly consists in exposing the correct build configuration to build with the MPC privatizing compiler in a convenient manner.


Please download the HDF5 for MPC tarball from HDF5 (sources) or HDF5 (sources) FTP MIRROR and then run the following commands to configure and install HDF5 patched for MPC.

tar xf hdf5_1.8.12_mpc.gz
cd hdf5-1.8.12_MPC
mkdir BUILD
../configure --enable-parallel --enable-fortran --prefix='''PREFIX''' CFLAGS="-fmpc-privatize -g" CC="mpc_cc -g -fpic -fmpc-include" FC="mpc_f77 -g -fpic -fmpc-privatize" RUNSERIAL="mpcrun -m=pthread -p=1 -n=1" RUNPARALLEL="mpcrun -m=pthread -p=1 -n=8"
make -j8
make install

You can also download a version compiled from Intel15 at the following URL HDF5 (Binary) or HDF5 (Binary) FTP MIRROR


Please download build_pastix.sh from ParaTools, source mpc_vars.sh and then execute this script to build the package. PaStiX is available from INRIA.