MPC 4.1.0 Release Notes

MPC 4.1.0 is out !

This release features important changes inside the internals of MPC to feature a more dynamic process model as required by evolutions in the standard. Communicator and group support was done from scratch, and collectives were rewritten to improve performance. In this release, MPC is also moving to GCC 10.2.0 with privatization, note that *autopriv* was renamed to *mpc-compiler-additions*. Eventually, we rely on Hwloc 2+ starting from this release.

  • Active Message engine based on libffi
  • PRRTE implement support for the PMIx standard runtime
  • Add libfabric support (OFI)
  • Add new configuration system inside MPC (only at runtime)
  • Autopriv dependency has been renamed to mpc-compiler-additions
  • Add OMP 5.0 memory management support (includes HWLOC 2+ support)
  • Move to HWLOC 2+
  • MPIT rewrite mirroring the new configuration system
  • Full communicator / Group system rewrite
  • MPI 4.0 Split topology support
  • Collective factorization and rewrite
  • Bugfix on persistent collectives
  • Expose MPC’s modularity in PKGCONFIG / CMAKE
  • Improved DNS resolution for TCP
  • Topological collectives support
  • Move to mpc-compiler-additions 0.7.0 with GCC 10.2.0
  • Workshare support
  • OMPT improvements
  • General bugfixes and documentation

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